Fun Facts About The Epcot International Food And Wine Festival

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival ©Disney

With the dates of the 2015 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival recently announced, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some fun facts about this annual Epcot event. Did you know…

  • Cuisine and beverages from six continents are served.
  • There are cultural exhibits of more than 25 international regions.
  • The festival features performances by musicians, dancers and acrobats.
  • This event is the largest food and wine festival of its kind in the world.
  • The festival began in 1996 with a 30 day first run.
  • This year’s Food & Wine Festival will be held for 53 days.
  • The event offers more than 250 food and beverage menu items ranging in price from $3 – $8.
  • More than 200 chefs present demonstrations and cook for the event.
  • There are more than 25 food and beverage marketplaces scattered around World Showcase during the festival.
  • More than 300 national and international wines are available at the event.
  • Nearly 400 demonstrations and mixology seminars take place over the course of the festival.
  • More than 60 wineries and more than 40 breweries from around the world are represented.
  • More than 100,000 desserts are served during the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.
  • One of the most popular dishes ever offered was the “Le Cellier” Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon with Truffle Butter Sauce from Canada. More than 80,000 servings of this item were sold.

I am looking forward to my visit to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival this fall, and I’m excited to enjoy some of my old favorites as well as check out what’s new!

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What about you? Do you love the Epcot Food & Wine Festival?
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