Friday Favorites – Best Disney World Shopping – Mouse Gear

Disney World Shopping Mouse Gear

For today’s Friday favorites, I would like to share with you my pick for the best location for Disney World shopping – Mouse Gear. I love this spot and I could seriously go broke here! Mouse Gear is located at Epcot near Electric Umbrella. In my opinion, this is the best place for shopping in all of Disney World. The store is huge and the selection of merchandise is incredible!

Mouse Gear has every kind of souvenir imaginable including clothing, jewelry, watches, luggage, purses, hats, candy, toys, art supplies, stuffed animals, pins, magnets, key chains, kitchen gadgets and the list goes on and on. If you’ve seen something on Disney property or in your Disney dreams, you can probably find it here!

So there you have it…my pick for the best Disney World shopping spot – Mouse Gear!

 What about you? Do you have a favorite spot for souvenir shopping? Please leave a comment!

One comment on “Friday Favorites – Best Disney World Shopping – Mouse Gear

  1. Any souvenir is special when you get it on vacation at Disney World. I like the pin shop in Downtown Disney. A wide selection and often you will find pin traders nearby.

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