Disney World Ghost Stories

In honor of Halloween, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the Disney World ghost stories that are out there. Could the “most magical place on earth” actually be haunted, you ask? Well, it depends on who you talk to, what you read, and your own personal beliefs in that sort of thing. I would consider myself an open-minded skeptic. In other words, I think anything is possible, but I believe most of the “sightings” are probably more urban legend than reality. In all of the years that I have been visiting Walt Disney World, I have only once experienced anything unusual which I will share with you in a bit.

First, let’s take a look at a few of the Disney World ghost stories – some famous and some lesser known. Now as we all know, no one dies at Disney World. It has long been reported that no one is pronounced dead until their body has actually been removed the property. So who are all of these ghosts said to be roaming the resort? Good question!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates 1George

This tale is probably the most well-known of all of the ghost stories of Disney World. As the story goes, a young construction worker named George fell to his death while working on a high area of the Pirates’ building. Each day cast members say good morning and good night to George over the PA system, and if they don’t give him the respect he desires, it is sure to make a long day for them. This ghost is known to cause all sorts of mischief such as shutting down the ride, causing breakdowns, making phone calls from an empty control room, and appearing on the ride monitors. Many guests have reported feeling a mysterious chill especially in the room with the burning city where it is believed George fell to his death. His favorite hang outs are rumored to be near the pirate with the pigs, under the bridge of the pirate with his leg hanging over, and near the door (known as George’s door) by the dog with the keys. Word of warning about George: There have been reports of guests going on Pirates of the Caribbean shouting that they don’t believe in George and have later found themselves stuck on the attraction for a long period of time due to a breakdown.

The Ladies

There is another pair of apparitions that are said to call Pirates of the Caribbean home and they are known as The Ladies. This mysterious duo is rumored to have met their untimely demise when the boat they were riding in, came off the track at the bottom of the drop and crashed as they sat in the front row. It is believed that they still linger in this area to this day and can sometimes be felt with a cold chill.

Haunted MansionHaunted Mansion

Man with a Cane

In this tale, many cast members working alone have said that they have seen a “man with the cane” riding the attraction late at night. When spoken to, he does not respond and then disappears out of sight. Who is this mysterious man? He is said to be the ghost of a pilot that died when his plane crashed in the 1940’s into what is now known as Bay Lake.

Little Boy

Another spirit that is rumored to inhabit the Haunted Mansion is that of a little boy. Unlike the Disneyland ghost story of the little boy who cries while looking for his mother, this child appears to be happy and just rides the attraction alone peering out from his doombuggy. There are a few photos circulating the internet that are said to be of this particular apparition.

Main Street, U.S.A.

Several guests have reported seeing the ghost of Roy Disney on Main Street during Wishes smiling and seeming to be thoroughly enjoying himself.

Tom Sawyer Island 1Tom Sawyer Island

For years, guests that venture over to Tom Sawyer Island have reported getting an unnerving feeling and seeing shadowy figures in the tunnels and caves of the attraction.

Spaceship Earth

This ghost story tells the tale of a little girl with long blonde hair and a young boy that are often seen playing together in front of the attraction as well as riding together.

Impressions de France

Many cast members have reported seeing a figure late at night in the theatre after it is closed. When they approach to escort him out, the apparition disappears.

Tower of TerrorTower of Terror

In this story, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is said to be haunted by a former “Bell Hop” (cast member) that died during his shift on one of the loading platforms. The story goes that this “Bell Hop” ghost is known to appear on Platform D, flicker lights and freeze the attraction when cast members are trying to do their final ride through at the end of the day.

My Experience

As I said at the beginning of this post, I consider myself an open-minded skeptic. Despite the fact that I have visited, lived in, stayed in, and dined in places that have been deemed haunted by some of the countries most respected ghost hunters, I have yet to experience anything that I can say without a doubt was “supernatural”. I’m actually quite scared of the paranormal, so maybe that’s the reason I never really feel or see anything that I would claim as beyond our reality. However not long ago, I had an unusual experience at the Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion

On a solo trip I took earlier this year, I headed over to Magic Kingdom on a day with early morning Extra Magic Hours. I arrived 30 minutes before the park was to open to find that the crowds were very light. I knew that once the park opened, I would easily be able to walk on any ride that I wanted. I decided that I would make my way to Big Thunder with a quick stop in Haunted Mansion first. When the gates opened, I strolled down Main Street taking in the sights just as the sun started to rise. Most of the guests walked towards the castle (on their way to Mine Train or an important meeting with a Princess, I would guess) while a few others hurried to Tomorrowland. I found myself completely alone as I meandered towards Liberty Square. It was a strange feeling for it to be so quiet in the park during the day. My kids and I have been in Adventureland at night when we were the only guests in sight before, but the daytime isolation had a very eerie feeling about it. In no time, I arrived at my destination – Haunted Mansion.

As a child I was absolutely terrified of this attraction, and to be honest, I was probably a teenager before I really felt comfortable experiencing it. Now it is one of my favorites, and I look forward to riding it several times during each of my trips. On this particular day, it would be my first time experiencing the attraction alone. As I approached Haunted Mansion, I noticed that no one was in line. There was a cast member out front, and she waved me on through to the entrance. Once inside, it was so early the doors were open through the stretching room to the loading area. I slowly walked in unsure of whether to bypass the pre show and head straight for the doombuggies or not. After a couple of moments of standing alone, I left the stretching room and made my way directly to the loading area. The cast member waved me into the doombuggy and said that I was the first “happy haunt” of the day. I climbed in with no one else in sight except for me and the cast member.

I sat back to relax and enjoy the attraction as my doombuggy began to creep down the first long hallway. A few seconds later as I’m looking ahead at the backs of the empty doombuggies ahead of me, I see what looks to be the face of a little boy peering out of his ride vehicle back at me. I nearly jumped out of my seat, because I thought that I was the first rider of the day and that I was alone. I quickly calmed down rationalizing that the cast member that boarded me must have been confused and that there was a family already on the attraction before me. I went about my ride not giving the little boy another thought as I enjoyed the grim grinning ghosts around me; until I reached the end. As I climbed out of my doombuggy, the cast member as I exited said that he hoped that I had enjoyed being the first “happy haunt” of the day. Startled by his comment, I quickly asked him if he was sure and that didn’t someone just get off the ride a few cars before me. He said no, I was definitely first and that if I wanted to stay, I just needed to bring my death certificate next time.

Spooky, huh?

Have you seen a ghost in Disney World? Please leave a comment!
Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

24 comments on “Disney World Ghost Stories

  1. Love it! I had a friend who said he tried pissing off George twice and both times he got “punished” for it. He states that one of the times he got the lovely 101 for an hour and the other time he was sitting in the back row by himself and got hit on the back of his head and was soaked by the time he got off the ride.

    Mind if I share this?

  2. What a very cool experience! I’m a total believer in the paranormal (crazy things happen in my house a lot, previous owner passed away there on Halloween). Anyway, I now know which way to go next visit to the MK. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks so much for sharing that link! When I was researching for my post, I did come across that photo and almost fell out of my chair. That is exactly what I saw during my experience. I think I was actually more scared when I saw the photo than when I actually saw the “ghost” in Haunted Mansion! 😉

  3. I recently experienced something quite strange. I have been searching ghost story forums. This past Sunday as Disneyland was about to close it was 15 min until midnight. We had already rode earlier that day and night before. We wanted to sit at the very back of the ride as we believed it to be the fastest. My daughter and I had the last cart. My husband and a friend in front of us. We were the last train that night. No one in line after us and the park was closed by now waiting to be at the end. After coming through the dark tunnel to the first up hill climb where the bats are and the water pools before the water cascade. I was looking up and to my left and saw the bats wee hanging from a tripod that was spinning. I am observant trying to see anything I may have not seen on the ride before. After you see the bats it gets dark for a mere few seconds to transition to the open area with the white lit up water pools. My husband goes did you see that three times. His friends says yes. I think it was something that hasn’t noticed before. Then all the sudden I get a very hard yank pulling my hair. I immediately turned around to yell at someone or see what happens. But there was nothing we were the last train. I immediately try to find a reason. Looking behind us on the track perhaps a bat came flying off on accident and hit, anything. I checked the surrounds for cast members, something that had fallen, anything. There was nothing. Freaked out at the top when I couldn’t find a reason I told my husband something pulled my hair. Upon exiting the ride my husband said he saw a greyish figure in the shape of a person. Looking like a man. He said three times did we see it? His friend said he saw it out of his periferial vision. As soon as he looked at it they said it dissappated and a cold gust of air blew around them. He said right after I said my hair had been pulled. My 7yr old daughter ran to her nanny to tell her of the ride never hearing my husband, his friend and I talk about what had just happened. I didn’t want to freak her out. She was on the side they saw the figure. She the told me out of nowhere she saw smoke that looked like man and it disappeared. I the felt my hair which was in a bun. My hair is about 3.5 feet long. It had been put into a secure bun on top of my head, high. I alway do this beginning every ride. I had a thick stand of hair pulled all the way out.

  4. I remember learning about George this year as it was my first time going to Disney World. One night I had fast passes set for Haunted mansion and other rides including Pirates of the caribbean. Later along the night we were told to re book a ride as Pirates broke down majorly. we walked by as we figured out what to do when my sister asked a cast member if they greeted George only to find the cast rejecting it as an internet myth. Creepily enough before we moved on I decided to say “Evening George” only to find a couple minutes later the ride started up again. Sadly I had gotten ready to leave and only minutes later the ride broke down again which seemed too close to the fact we were heading out and I had greeted George. I believe that George was a man with a nice attitude and may have done it only for me as I was the only one who greeted him and it broke down as we were getting ready to leave the park.

  5. I have a crazy one from epcot. Back when they had the norway ride i was waiting for the doors to the show after you get off the ride when i saw some guy. He was also looking torwards where you get out of the boats. He looked like he was wearing clothes from the early 90’s (i remember saying to myself, “Is 90’s styles making a comeback.”) I thought nothing of it as i thought he was waiting too. Untill i turned around to go into the theater. He was not there anymore. I looked around the theater and did not see the guy.

  6. We were waiting for pirates of the carribean yesterday. We were near enough ready to board and the lights came on saying they were having technical difficulties…wonder now if it was George : )

  7. We just returned from staying at Port Orleans French Quarter. Our first night there I couldn’t get to sleep and kept waking up. All of a sudden I heard one of the suitcases start to zip and I looked over that way then I looked up at the ceiling and a light traveled across the ceiling and disappeared. I grabbed my husbands arm but he thought I was just seeing things. I never saw it again and couldn’t find a way that could have happened. It was a very strange feeling!!

    • I’ve stayed at Port Orleans French Quarters but never witnessed anything. That is a really scary story and I will probably think about it the next time I stay there.

  8. I took a photo of my wife and kids on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom on thanksgiving 2018. In the background I can see an image of what appear to be Walt, Diane (daughter) and Lillian Disney. Walt is at the top, his daughter just below him looking up at him and Lilltan at the bottom. I showed the photo to the staff at the Town Hall (customer service desk) near the park entrance and they agreed that it looked like Walt, and they were not sure what his family members looked like. I googled the other images of wife and daughter and immediately saw the resemblance. I have ghosts in the area where I live and have captured several on video, still photos and felt them touch me, and felt temperature change when they around. Hoping to finish writing a book and get permission from Disney (licensing ) top publish very soon.

    • Dwight McMillian here again..happy new year..heading back to florida tomorrow morning. I have a photograph to share if there is a way to upload. Also , we should be in Orlando next week at one or more parks..would love to show several photos I have taken so far. I have only gotten my outline of 20 pages completed so far, so my book has not progressed as fast as I have wanted…but still working on it..Dwight

  9. Polynesian Resort Tokelau room 1903
    On the morning of our check-out at like 3:30-4am, the speaker phone button on the room telephone came on- made a loud dial tone noise- and woke me up, I woke up and turned it off, I quickly walked to the bathroom and before I sat on the toilet it went off again! This time waking my husband and the kids… it felt somehow bizarre given that it was the speaker phone button cutting on by itself. Maybe it’s a former poly worker trying to make sure people are awake on the day of departure so they don’t miss their flights or something hahaha !? We didn’t have to be at the magical express until 7:50am… wish the ghost would have given me another hour or so hahahah

  10. We just visited Disney in August of 2022, we stayed at Animal Kingdom Resort in a condo suite. While sleeping I was awoken and standing in the glow of the bathroom light I saw a full body dark silhouette apparition of a tall man with shoulder length curly hair. I was not scared, I closed my eyes and when I opened them again he was gone.

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