Where To Find Flame Tree Barbecue Foods During Refurbishment

Flame Tree Barbecue

One of everyone’s favorite Disney World dining locations is Flame Tree Barbecue at Animal Kingdom! If you’ve checked out the latest list of refurbishments you’ll notice that this tasty counter service stop is actually closed through May 22, 2015. So what’s a hungry traveler to do when they are in need of their barbecue fix? Have no fear, you can still find some of your Flame Tree favorites at different locations around Animal Kingdom. Here’s the scoop:

  • Half Chicken: Beastly Kiosk, Gardens Kiosk
  • Jumbo Turkey Leg: Trilo-Bites
  • Half Slab St. Louis Ribs: Beastly Kiosk, Gardens Kiosk
  • Rib & Chicken Combo: Beastly Kiosk, Gardens Kiosk
  • Pork Sandwich: Trilo-Bites

Flame Tree Favorites

So now you’re all set! While Flame Tree Barbecue is getting some additional seating areas, you can still get your fill of delicious barbecue!

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Do you love Flame Tree Barbecue? What is your favorite dish?
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