Friday Favorites – Best Disney World Show – Finding Nemo The Musical

For today’s Friday Favorites, I would like to share with you my pick for the best Disney World show; Finding Nemo – The Musical. Let me just start by saying that I love musical theatre so I tend to gravitate to this type of entertainment when I’m at Disney World. Despite the fact that I’m not a huge fan of the animated version of Finding Nemo, I really enjoy this show. Finding Nemo – The Musical can be seen several times each day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Fastpass+ is available. The show follows the story of the movie classic in 40 short minutes filled with an amazing cast, beautifully detailed puppets, special effects and a lively original score. A word of warning: if you are taking young or sensitive children, this musical does begin just like the film, with the death of Nemo’s mother. For more details or to check show times during your vacation, please visit this link.

So there you have it! My pick for best Disney World show. If you have the chance, I definitely recommend making the time to see it!

What about you? Do you have a favorite Disney World show? Please leave a comment!

4 comments on “Friday Favorites – Best Disney World Show – Finding Nemo The Musical

  1. If I could get over the “death”. I would love the show…..too sensitive for me. I’ve never gotten over the “death” of Old Yeller, some 40 years later……. but the rest of the show is really spectacular ! I’m just an old softie…..

  2. This is a great show and an interesting way to add another dimension to animation. I also like the Beauty and the Beast show but it may be a little scary for the little ones.

  3. My favorite show at Walt Disney World! I bought the soundtrack on our last visit and it’s in current rotation in my Jeep. 🙂 I can’t help but sing along with Fish are Friends, Not Food!

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