Disney World Enthusiast Weekly Round Up July 11, 2021

Here’s the Disney World Enthusiast Weekly Round Up for July 11, 2021!

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Reimagined Entrance Fountain at EPCOTDisney Did You Know

Spaceship Earth, the visual and thematic centerpiece of EPCOT, weighs 16 million pounds — more than three times that of a space shuttle fully fueled and ready for launch. The outer “skin” of Spaceship Earth is made up of 11,324 aluminum and plastic-alloy triangles. Also, did you know that rainwater never falls off the sphere? It’s channeled into the ball and funneled away.

Bing BongTip Of The Week

If your children like to sleep with stuffed animals, be sure to remember to take them out of the bed each morning so that they don’t accidentally get carried away with the sheets and blankets when housekeeping makes up your room.

Walt DisneyWalt’s Words

“Whether you say you can’t or you can, you’re right.” 

dwe logo small size white bkgdComing Up Next Week

Next week I’ll have more details about the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival, plus all of the latest Walt Disney World news!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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