Disney World Enthusiast Weekly Round Up May 23, 2021

Here’s the Disney World Enthusiast Weekly Round Up for May 23, 2021!

Latest Disney World Enthusiast Articles

Photo Pass LogoDisney Did You Know

With millions of visitors annually, it’s no wonder the Disney parks are among the most photographed places in the United States.  On any given day, Disney’s PhotoPass photographers take between 100,000 and 200,000 photos of guests at Walt Disney World Resort. The PhotoPass service allows guests to view, share and order their Disney photos online and create Disney products such as PhotoBooks and mugs.

Star ToursTip Of The Week

If you want a better chance of being the rebel spy in the Star Tours attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, don’t put on your 3D glasses until right when the ride begins, sit toward the middle, and face the front as much as possible before the ride starts.

Walt DisneyWalt’s Words

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

dwe logo small size white bkgdComing Up Next Week

Next week I’ll have some information about upcoming additions and changes coming to the resort, plus all of the latest Walt Disney World news!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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