Spectacular Slushies Now At Cool Wash In Epcot

With so much construction going on at Epcot right now, we had to say good-bye to some fan favorites like Club Cool. Luckily, there is some place else where you can cool off and fill that void for now. Head on over to the Test Track exit area and stop by the recently reopened Cool Wash. This fun stop is offering yummy slushies in a variety of flavors. You can create your own custom slushy blend with any combination of the six selections: Coke, Fanta Cherry, Fanta Orange, Fanta Banana, Fanta Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry. Once you’ve chosen your slushy flavor combination, it’s time for toppings. You can choose to top your slushy with popping pearls, candy pebbles, jelly drops, or popping candy. And for anyone over 21, Cool Wash is serving up a Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla with St. Petersburg gin.

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Do you miss Club Cool? Will you try Cool Wash?
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