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Disney World Enthusiast Weekly Round Up July 4, 2021

Here’s the Disney World Enthusiast Weekly Round Up for July 4, 2021!

Latest Disney World Enthusiast Articles

cinderella-castle-2Disney Did You Know

Here’s one to stump your friends. How many stones are there in Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom? NONE. The whole shell of the building is fiberglass.

Magic Kingdom Welcome ShowTip Of The Week

Arrive at the park for rope drop. This means be lined up and ready to enter as soon as the gates are open. If you can be among the first guests to enter the park, you’ll be at a huge advantage. Often you can experience three or more attractions before most visitors begin to trickle in an hour or so after the park opens.

Walt DisneyWalt’s Words

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” 

dwe logo small size white bkgdComing Up Next Week

Next week I’ll have more details about many things that are reopening around the resort, plus all of the latest Walt Disney World news!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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