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2020 Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar

If you’re thinking of visiting Walt Disney World in 2020, you might be wondering what will be the best time of year to plan a trip in order to avoid the massive crowds. By offering discounts during what was typically slower seasons, Disney has done a better job evening out the crowds throughout the year. However, there are still a few weeks that are ideal for a vacation if you’re hoping to pack in as much fun as possible without long waits for every attraction. In 2020, the best dates to visit Walt Disney World based on estimated crowd levels will be from August 23 through October 3. The busiest weeks that you may want to avoid if at all possible will be January 1 through January 4 due to New Year’s, March 15 through March 28 due to Spring Break, April 5 through April 12 due to Easter, November 22 through November 28 due to Thanksgiving, and December 20 through December 31 due to the Christmas holiday. Check out the chart below to see the estimated crowd levels during your 2020 Walt Disney World vacation.

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