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I am giving away an autographed copy of my book “501 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Walt Disney World Vacation“!

What People Are Saying About “501 Ways”

“501 Ways… is a great book for planners, an easy read and it’s the type of book you can pick up to read in-between errands, waiting at appointments, while taking a work break, etc. It’s very easy to pick-up where you left off and continue expanding your Disney knowledge!”
– Terri of WDW Hints

“Kristi’s book is a great resource for Walt Disney World novices, as well as experienced travelers. Those of us who’ve been to Walt Disney World can attest – you can NEVER know everything about the parks, touring, planning, etc. and having a resource like 501 Ways is a great way to learn more about Walt Disney World, and also get yourself excited for your upcoming trip! And I have to say, Kristi’s final tip in the book is my absolute favorite; you’ll have to get a copy yourself to see what that is!”
Katie of The Most Delightful Place

“If you are planning a Walt Disney World vacation, you probably are a bit overwhelmed. I am a firm believer in that you can never have enough knowledge. I would recommend that you pick up Kristi’s book today, while you will never know all there is to know about Walt Disney World, this book will assist you in having an AMAZING Walt Disney World experience.”
– Jason of Man of the Mouse

“This little book is chock full of nifty and useful tips for a Walt Disney World vacation.”
– Amazon Customer Review

“This book is one of the best Disney World books that I’ve come across. Just exceptional! There’s so much information packed in it that everyone is bound to learn something that they didn’t know before.”
– Amazon Customer Review

“It is full of practical tips and is written to be both informative and entertaining as the author shares some of her family’s personal experiences.”
– Amazon Customer Review

“I’ve been to Walt Disney World somewhere between 20-30 times in the last 15 years, and even as a frequent visitor (who you might think “knows it all” – I don’t!), I got a lot of great tips and information from Kristi’s book.”
– Amazon Customer Review

“I have read a lot of books to prepare for our Disney trips. I’m a huge planner and this book is the best I have read yet! So many new tips I have never even considered. If you are a die hard trip prepper, this book is a must!!!”
– Amazon Customer Review

“This book had a lot of fantastic hints for my vacation. I had researched a lot of hints and this book still had many I had never seen anywhere else.”
– Amazon Customer Review

A Little About “501 Ways” – From The Back Cover

The difference between an average and a fantastic Walt Disney World vacation is in the details. And no matter how much you know, there’s still a lot you don’t know. Kristi Fredericks helps close the knowledge gap with her 501 ways to save money, time, and sanity while at the happiest place on Earth.

Just a minute, you say. You’ve heard all the tips, you’ve read all the sites and all the books that promise to help you “make the most of” your Walt Disney World vacation. Are there really any new tips in here?

TouringPlans.com blogger Kristi Fredericks has come up with the Disney World travel tips book for people who are sick of Disney World travel tips books. Her 501 ways to make the most of your Disney vacation include:

  • How to ensure your trip will be a success before you leave home, by packing cheap, never-thought-of essentials from your local dollar store, setting up your iPhone as a personal Disney assistant, and much more
  • How to make the most of the four theme parks, by finding the best parade and photo-op spots, keeping little kids enchanted by Epcot, beating the crowds out of the parks, and much more
  • How to never run out of pixie dust, by keeping the kids entertained in lines, creating your own park “challenges”, treating the resort hotels as a fifth theme park, and many other “Mousecellaneous” tips
  • How Kristi herself used many of the tips and techniques in this book during her countless visits to Walt Disney World, as recounted in her humorous stories and anecdotes

You’re just 501 ways from the best Disney World vacation of your life!

The Giveaway

From now through Friday, September 30, 2016 at midnight, please enter daily to win an autographed copy of my book “501 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Walt Disney World Vacation“. Just click the image below and follow the instructions to be entered into the giveaway. Be sure to take advantage of the bonus entries, and please tell your friends and family to enter too! 

501 Ways

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