Zuri’s Sweets Shop Now Open And The New Poop Treats

Zuri's Sweets Shop

Updated June 27, 2015: It is being reported that Disney has removed the new poop treats from Zuri’s Sweets Shop as of today.

Have you heard the news? Zuri’s Sweets Shop is now open in the new Harambe Marketplace of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Here are the latest details courtesy of Disney:

Guests can take their taste buds on a mouth-watering safari with a visit to Zuri’s Sweets Shop at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This new merchandise location at Harambe Market in the Africa section of the park offers an assortment of wild new treats and eats.

Zuri's Sweets ShopZuri’s Sweets Shop features 80 exclusive food items inspired by the sights, sounds and flavors of Africa. Guests can purchase themed decorative candy apples, assorted bulk trail mixes, uniquely flavored chocolate bars and delectable popcorn with a touch of African spices. Guests with a taste for barbeque also can find the signature sweet and spicy sauce from the park’s popular Flame Tree Barbecue.

This unique location also includes a colorful confectionary case filled with a variety of candies and baked treats. Guests with a sweet tooth will be thrilled to find tiger-shaped sugar cookies, elephant-shaped caramel apples and colorful giraffe marshmallow pops alongside Disney confectionary classics, such as Mickey Mouse chocolate chip cookies and tasty chocolate fudge.

In addition to the festive themed food items, Zuri’s Sweets Shop also offers items for the home, such as decorative “Blessing Baskets” and African-inspired dinnerware and décor.

Now what Disney’s press release doesn’t happen to mention is that Zuri’s Sweets Shop is home to the new poop treats. That’s right folks, if you haven’t already heard this unbelievable news, Disney is selling treats that look like animal poop! The official name is “Match The Species Treats” and they come in elephant, giraffe, hippo, and cotton top tamarin varieties. From what I hear, if you can get past what they look like they are all tasty chocolate desserts. Here are the descriptions:

  • Zuri's Sweets ShopElephant Poop – Chocolate peanut butter fudge with sweet rolled oats and coconut flakes.
  • Giraffe Poop – Rolled chocolate fudgy brownie and freshly made caramel.
  • Hippo Poop – Chocolate fudge caramel brownie with peanut butter and rolled oats.
  • Cotton Top Tamarin Poop – Pretzel pearls coated in chocolate peanut butter fudge with sweet rolled oak flakes.

Zuri's Sweets ShopThese treats are just $3.99 a poop (I mean, a pop 😉 ) or one Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit. My money is on the giraffe variety. I think it is the only one I could get myself to actually try!

Will you be trying Zuri’s Sweets Shop on your next visit?
What do you think about the poop treats? Please leave a comment!

One comment on “Zuri’s Sweets Shop Now Open And The New Poop Treats

  1. I love Disney treats! I understand the appeal to younger kids, the thought, makes me want to pass. Besides, I like icing on my “treats”. Disney has a good idea with these, kids will love coming home and telling their friends, that they ate animal poop at Disney. Very creative Disney. You hit the mark, for the kids, in my case; my Grandkids! So glad to see the creativity. I love it. I’ll have my standard cupcake, as I love cake! Disney’s is the best! So moist and tasty. Please, someone send me a cupcake now! lol

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