The Long Awaited Purple MagicBand

Purple MagicBand 2

Update 3/8/16: The purple MagicBand is now available as
a free option when you customize your MagicBand!

Did you know that one of the most requested MagicBand colors in 2015 was purple? Well, Disney heard your pleas, and if you’re a fan of figment, Fear, or the Haunted Mansion wallpaper, you’ll be happy to know that the new purple  MagicBand is now available. However, there is a catch…the long awaited purple MagicBand is not in the current lineup of free choices and there appears to be no plans to add it in the near future. If you want this beauty, you’ll have to shell out an additional $12.95 online or at select Disney World shopping locations. The purple option can also be used as a base for a customized MagicBand at the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. in Magic Kingdom. These custom MagicBands start at $21.95.

If you are looking for a more economical way to personalize your MagicBand, definitely check out Magic YOUR Band. If you aren’t familiar with this product, these adorable decals attach directly to your Disney World MagicBand creating your own personalized look.

Here’s all of the important information that you’ll need to get yourself a MagicBand Skin:

  • MagicBand Skins are available for purchase on
  • They range in price from $6 to $8 each.
  • They offer special pricing when you purchase multiple MagicBand Skins in one order. Buy two to five and save 15%. Buy six to nine and save 25%. Buy ten or more and save 33%.
  • They come in one piece (that covers the center MagicBand Mickey) or two piece (that shows the center MagicBand Mickey) styles.
  • Purple Plaid 2They have over 100 ready-made designs available including adorable holiday varieties!
  • You also have the options of personalizing one of their designs or creating your own with their easy-to-use online editing tool.
  • MagicBand Skins are fully waterproof. They hold up in the shower, pool, and a Florida rain storm!
  • The MagicBand Skins are easy to apply and remove if you want to change-up your look. They even have a handy video to show you how!
  • The Skins have no effect on how the MagicBand works. Your band will still be fully functional.
  • Magic YOUR Band is located in the United Kingdom and offers free international shipping on all orders.
  • The average delivery time is 7 days from the date of postage. You can upgrade to 2 business day FedEx International Priority Shipping for an additional fee.

Heading to Disney World soon?

501 WaysIf you are planning a vacation to Disney World, be sure to check out these valuable resources to help you save time and money:

Were you hoping for a purple MagicBand?
Is there another color or design you would like to see in the future?
Please leave a comment; I would love to hear from you!

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