My New Book – A Tale of Two Resorts: Comparing Disneyland and Walt Disney World

A Tale of Two Resorts

Looking for a great gift idea for the Disney fan in your family? Do you know someone who is trying to decide between a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Maybe you know someone who has visited one resort and is curious about the other? Or maybe that someone is you! My new book, A Tale of Two Resorts: Comparing Disneyland and Walt Disney World, is now available from Amazon just in time for the holidays!

This reference book is loaded with facts and information about all of the hotels, restaurants, attractions, experiences, entertainment choices and resort extras that are available at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Each chapter includes handy side-by-side charts that compare the weather, crowds, events, accommodations, admissions, transportation, and dining that each destination offers. And of course, there’s helpful advice about budgeting, planning your trip, and organizing your day. My favorite feature? As a fellow mom who has experienced the highs and the lows of taking kids on a variety of rides, I have included a Word of Warning for each and every attraction that needs one, giving you a heads up on what you need to be aware of before taking your child on that particular ride.

Whether you, or the person you are purchasing this book for, is going to Disneyland or Disney World and especially if the decision between the two destinations is still being made, A Tale of Two Resorts will give you all of the information you need to make the better choice and plenty of advice for planning that magical vacation!

Please click this link, to purchase your copy today!

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8 comments on “My New Book – A Tale of Two Resorts: Comparing Disneyland and Walt Disney World

  1. I have two copies coming, one for myself and one for my sister. Been thinking a lot about Disneyland, and now I will have the knowledge to make an “informed decision”.

  2. Reading through your book, lots of valuable information included! My sister and I both agree, we love your style of writing. Looking forward to see what you will be doing next.

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