Disney World Planning Basics: Where To Stay – On or Off Property

Now that you have decided to visit Disney World, another decision to make is whether to stay at a Walt Disney World resort hotel or another hotel off property. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering your options.

  1. Budget Disney World has hotels for every budget now ranging from about $100 per night to over $1000 per night. The size of your room and the amenities that the hotel offers greatly influences the price. Rooms that run about $100 per night are small, averaging under 300 square feet. The most expensive rooms can actually have three bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and sleep up to twelve people. Hotels off property are generally less expensive for the amount of space that you get.
  2. Transportation If you stay at a Disney World resort hotel, you have will access to free transportation throughout the property. Is that important to you or do you already have your own car?
  3. Your Plans Do you plan to visit other locations beyond Disney World during your vacation? Will you be going to Universal Studios, Sea World, Kennedy Space Center or the beach?
  4. Convenience Do you plan to get the parks when they first open and stay until closing? Do you need to return to your room during the day for your kids (or you) to take a nap? If so, you may find staying on property much more convenient.
  5. Frequency of Visits Is this a once-in-a-lifetime trip or do you visit Disney World frequently? If you might not return, you may want to splurge and spend a little extra to stay at a Disney World resort hotel.
  6. First Time Visitor or from outside the United States If you have never visited Disney World before or are visiting from outside of the United States, you may find that you feel a lot more comfortable staying at a Disney World resort hotel. That way you are not having to deal with transportation and other potential issues in an unfamiliar place.

My Thoughts: As a huge Disney fan, I love to stay on property at an official Disney World resort hotel. Not only do I love the convenience of the transportation and the close proximity to the parks, you just can’t beat the Disney theming! When I visit Walt Disney World, I really want to feel like I am in another world…a true destination vacation.

What about you? Do you prefer to stay on or off property?
How do you decide? Please leave a comment!

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