Disney World Planning Basics: How To Get There

Now that you have decided to go to Disney World, when to go and how long to stay, next up is how to get there. Sometimes it is obvious to drive if you only live a few hours away or to fly if you are visiting from the United Kingdom, but what about everyone else that could do either? Here are some things to consider when making your decision.

  1. Cost For most of us, cost is a major factor in whether we drive or fly to Disney World. When thinking about the cost of driving, be sure to include not only the cost of gasoline, but also dining and a possible hotel stay along the way. When reviewing the cost of flying, don’t forget to include airport parking, checked bag fees and possible rental car costs.
  2. Time Another thing to consider is the time it will require to fly or drive. Once you include the time it takes to get to the airport, the two hours they want you there prior to your flight, the flight itself and the commute to Disney World, it could easily take seven plus hours to fly. Would the drive require less time?
  3. Flexibility With driving, you are on your own schedule rather than at the mercy of the airlines. Is that important to you?
  4. Kids Do you have small children that would go absolutely crazy having to ride in the car for a day or more? Or would they go nuts on the confined space of the plane?
  5. Luggage Do you require a lot of luggage or equipment when you travel? Would it be difficult or expensive to take all of it on the plane? I remember taking trips to Disney World when my boys were young. We had tons of luggage along with two full size car seats, a portable crib and a double stroller. There was a lot juggling we had to do on the plane and through the airport!

My thoughts: Living in Colorado, it would take us three full days of driving just to get to Disney World, so for us it is an easy decision to fly. However, we do often take road trips with our kids. We use this rule of thumb for whether we drive or fly. If we can make the drive in about 10 hours or less, we drive otherwise we fly. We find that much more than 10 hours in the car is too long for our family. My husband prefers to drive if possible, because he likes the time flexibility and the freedom to take whatever luggage and gear he wants.

No matter whether you choose to drive or fly, you’ll soon be arriving at the happiest place on earth…Disney World!!

What about you? Have you been to Disney World before? Do you normally drive or fly? How do you make the decision? Please leave a comment! 

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