Disney World Planning Basics: How Long To Stay

Now that you have decided when to go, the next big question is how long to stay. If I could, I would live in Disney World, but until I win the lottery and convince my husband that snow is over rated, I have to settle for just visiting a couple times a year. When deciding how long you would like to stay, there are several things to consider.
  1. Budget Obviously the longer you stay the more money it is going to cost, so you’ll want to think about how much you have to spend.
  2. What Do You Want To Do You’ll also need to consider what you want to do on your trip. Disney World consists of four theme parks, two water parks, a shopping area, several resort hotels, golf courses, spas and many other things to see and do. You could easily stay for a month and not see and do everything. Think about your top priorities. The more you want to see, the longer you’ll want to stay.
  3. Your Pace What kind of pace do you want to keep on your vacation? Do you want to relax and take your time or do you want a fast-paced trip? The more relaxed you want to be, the more days you’ll need to stay.
  4. Your Stamina You can easily walk several miles per day touring Disney World. How many days in a row can you be active and on-the-go before burning out?
  5. Will You Visit Other Places Outside Disney As much as I love Disney World, there are other things to see in and around the Orlando area. If you think that you want to visit Universal Studios, Sea World, Kennedy Space Center or the beach, be sure to add extra time.
  6. When Will You Be Back If this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, you will probably want it to be longer. If you plan on returning soon, you may not feel the need for as many days.

My Thoughts: After considering all of these things, most people find that a trip of about a week to ten days works well. That is the amount of time my family usually spends in Disney World during each of our trips. This amount of time will give you a good chance to see a lot of what Disney World has to offer, plus allow for some time for relaxation along the way.

No matter what length of trip you are able to take, any amount of time in Disney World is wonderful!

What about you? Have you been to Disney World before?
How long do you like to stay? Please leave a comment!

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