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Why Disney World Cancelling Everything Is Actually A Good Thing

Slowly information is beginning to trickle out from Walt Disney World ahead of the resort’s phased reopening on July 11, 2020. The official Disney website is now being updated frequently with important “Know Before You Go” information that will be critical for anyone planning a visit over the next few months.

Much has been covered throughout the Disney community of bloggers, vloggers, and podcasts about the new health and safety policies that will be in place as well as speculation as to what a Walt Disney World will feel like under the new normal. So instead of rehashing all of that, let’s take a look at the silver lining to this situation if you happen to have a visit in the near future.


So if you’re like me, you may have had a Walt Disney World vacation planned for months down to every detail. You got up early 180 days out to book all of those dining reservations for the restaurants you’ve been wanting to try, painstakingly created a plan outlining which day you would spend in each park, and again got up by dawn to book those hard to get Fastpasses for Flight of Passage, Slinky Dog Dash, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. You were so excited, your kids were so excited, everything was all set and ready to go…until is wasn’t. I feel your pain.

I understand that given everything going on in our country and around the world today, that a vacation that has been disrupted in some way or even postponed to next year is not the end of the world. But for anyone that is going through this, me and my kids included, it is disappointing. And guess what? It’s okay to be disappointed.

But here’s the good news, that silver lining I was talking about…it’s actually a good thing that Walt Disney World is cancelling everything. Honestly, it takes the pressure off; it takes the pressure off you, and it takes the pressure off the resort and cast members. We are all starting at zero…zero expectations…zero reservations, and that can actually benefit all of us.

There are automatically high expectations when you spend six months or more planning for something, eagerly anticipating something. Think weddings, graduations, holidays. We can’t help it, we’re human, of course we want it all to be perfect. Those amazing lifelong memories we’re all striving to create, right?

But with Disney cancelling all dining reservations and Fastpasses, and shifting the planning window to just 60 days out, we have the incredible opportunity to make the most of this situation. It is very likely that capacity limits will remain low for quite sometime, which translates to less crowded parks. Yes, it’s true, we might be missing some of the things that makes Disney, Disney, like parades, fireworks, shows, and character greetings, but imagine being able to ride your favorite attractions several times with little to no wait. Think for a moment about being able to leisurely walk along the pathways of the parks taking in the architecture and magical details without a crowd. What would it be like to go to the park and actually be spontaneous?

What if on this Walt Disney World vacation, you could actually slow down, enjoy the moment, and not feel like you need a vacation afterward?

If you have a trip booked in the next few months, I encourage you to take advantage of what could be a once in a lifetime relaxed and slower paced Walt Disney World vacation, if you let it. Zero expectations…zero reservations (except park admission, of course)!


In my recent posts Disney World Reopening To Begin July 11 Upon Approval, Disney World Closed Indefinitely, Disney World Is Closed – Now What? and When Will Disney World Reopen, I shared what I am doing about my upcoming Walt Disney World vacations that I have scheduled throughout the rest of 2020.

As a quick update, I have now had to cancel my April, June, July, and August trips so far. I have one more Walt Disney World vacation currently scheduled during in early fall 2020 For the moment, I am still hanging on to the reservation and hope that I will be able to go.

I do have some concerns though, like will the resort hotel I’ve booked, Caribbean Beach Resort, be open yet, will I be able to reserve theme park admission for my travel dates or will there not be enough capacity, and will I physically be able to withstand the high Florida heat and humidity while wearing a mask without shows like Carousel of Progress or Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor open to cool off in.

In addition to those concerns, there are other considerations such as will the non-essential travel ban still be in effect in my home state of Colorado, is the reward of visiting Walt Disney World during this time worth the potential risk to the health of myself and my loved ones, and can I truly enjoy myself or will my worry and anxiety get the best of me?

For all of us with Disney World travel plans scheduled in the near future, we are going to need to do some serious thinking to decide what is best for ourselves and our families during this unprecedented situation.

So for now I will wait to see how the initial reopening plays out in Disney World, and how the pandemic progresses in our country and globally, before making my final decision about my remaining 2020 vacation. I will continue to keep you posted here and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I would love to hear what you’re going to do, so please comment below or hit me up on social media!


In the meantime, while things slowly reopen, I will continue to share the latest Walt Disney World news and information here. You can still expect to see posts filling you in on all of the fun things coming up at the most magical place on earth!

Please stay safe and well, and I will see you in the parks real soon!

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  1. We’re planning to go to Disneyland in August, and I honestly think we will be so happy just to be there, that we’re not going to worry about whether we get to do “everything.” If I ride something and have a beignet, then I’m good.

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