TouringPlans – The Amazing Race Around World Showcase

A few weeks ago I shared one my family’s favorite Walt Disney World vacation traditions – The Amazing Race Around Disney World. If you happened to miss the other article, I’ll catch you up. My family loves competition, Disney World, and reality TV; specifically the popular series “The Amazing Race“.

Each year during our summer Disney World vacation, we create our own version of the “Amazing Race” where we compete in challenges while racing around Walt Disney World. In the last article, I included a complete version of a race that my family had used in the past and mentioned that I was working on another one. I received an overwhelming response to the post and many requests that I share my newest race. So for all of you fellow Disney World and “Amazing Race” fans, please read my latest article on TouringPlans – The Amazing Race Around World Showcase for a full copy of my most recent race and to learn more about how to create your very own “Amazing Race” for your next vacation!

Have you ever done a challenge at Disney World?
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