Bitbelt For Your Disney MagicBand Review And Giveaway


Have you heard of this incredible gadget – Bitbelt? Recently, Trey from Bitbelt contacted me and asked if I would like to review this MagicBand accessory. Of course, I was thrilled. If you aren’t familiar with Bitbelt, this handy creation secures your MagicBand so that it doesn’t accidentally become unclasped. Anyone that carries a child, a backpack, or wears a jacket at Disney World knows how easily a MagicBand can become unclasped. That’s where this little beauty comes in! Simply place a Bitbelt on your MagicBand and save yourself the trouble of having to search for a lost band or take the time to get a replacement.

The Review

BitbeltI was amazed at how quickly the Bitbelt arrived. They typically ship via USPS First Class Mail. For an additional fee you can upgrade to Priority Mail with tracking. And for our out of country friends, you can even have a Bitbelt shipped to you internationally for just $3. If you are thinking of surprising someone with a Bitbelt for an upcoming Disney World vacation, mine arrived in a simple brown envelope that didn’t reveal the contents of the package.

I quickly tore into the package like a kid on Christmas morning eager to check out my new Disney vacation gadget. The first thing that struck me was the high quality of the material used to construct the Bitbelt. It felt heavy-duty and like it could stand up to an action packed Disney World vacation. Next up was getting it on my MagicBand.

The process was super simple. The Bitbelt slid right on my MagicBand in a matter of seconds!

I continued to wear my MagicBand with the Bitbelt throughout the day. This incredibly useful accessory kept my MagicBand right in place as I carried groceries, my purse, my kids’ backpacks, and as I took my jacket off and on several times. Necessity is truly the mother of invention and after having my MagicBand fall off several times before the Bitbelt, I am wondering why I never thought of it.
Bitbelt creators – you are geniuses!

Here’s all of the important information that you’ll need to get yourself a Bitbelt:

  • Bitbelts are available for purchase on
  • They are $4.99 each.
  • They offer special pricing when you purchase multiple Bitbelts in one order. Buy two and save $2 ($1 off each) by using Coupon Code 2SAVE2. Buy five and save $10 ($2 off each) by using Coupon Code 5SAVE10. Buy ten and save $30 ($3 off each) by using Coupon Code 10SAVE30.
  • They come in adult and junior sizes.
  • The adult sizes comes in twelve colors: black, blue/grey, pink, fluorescent orange, royal blue, camo, purple with gold glitter, red, yellow, lime green (glow in the dark), ice blue (glow in the dark), and clear (glow in the dark).
  • The junior sizes come in fourteen colors: blue/grey, Caribbean green, survivor pink, lime green, neon carrot, purple, black, hot magenta, blue, red, powder blue, electric blue, yellow, and clear (glow in the dark).
  • If you think Bitbelts are great for MagicBands, they are also available for your fitness trackers. Never lose a pricey Fitbit again!

The Giveaway

Interested in getting a Bitbelt of your own? Well, you’re in luck! From now through Saturday, May 9, 2015 at midnight, please enter daily to win a set of four Bitbelts in a variety of colors. Just click the image below and follow the instructions to be entered into the giveaway. Be sure to take advantage of the bonus entries, and please feel free to share with your friends and family!


Click image to enter giveaway!

Can’t wait and need a Bitbelt right away?
Please click this link to purchase one today!

6 comments on “Bitbelt For Your Disney MagicBand Review And Giveaway

  1. found mine that I purchased last year but still need 1 jr for my fitbit flex and 1 regular as my Mother wants to come- she has not been since 2011 and this will be her first magicband.

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