Missing Disney

Magic Kingdom Halloween

Two weeks ago today I was so excited. I was busily packing for a long anticipated Disney World vacation. My two boys were off for Fall Break and the next day we would be heading for a week-long trip to Walt Disney World! Now just two short weeks later our wonderful vacation has come and gone and my kiddos are right back at school working away as I sit here home alone missing them and missing Disney. Does anyone else ever feel this way when returning from a Disney World vacation? I always find Fall Break the hardest vacation to return from. Since my boys are school-age now, our trips are limited to the traditional Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter breaks. We never really travel during winter break, because of the holidays and our unpredictable Colorado weather. When we return from spring break, I know that our weather will be improving in a couple of months and my boys will soon be out of school for the summer. When we return from a summer vacation, we still have lots of beautiful days and fun times planned. But when we return from fall break, a long, cold, snowy winter and several months of school still loom large ahead of us. So what is a person to do to get themselves out of the “Disney Blues?” Well, here’s what I am going to try:

  • Listen To Disney Music – I have my favorite Disney CD called Four Parks One World in my CD player right now. I also like to listen to MouseWorldRadio.com while I’m writing. Both have music from the parks that make me feel like I’m right back there!Four Parks
  • Watch Disney Movies – There’s nothing like watching a funny movie to lift your spirits! This weekend, it’s time for a Disney movie night. I’m thinking a little Monsters University will be perfect!Monsters University
  • Look At Photos – Since we returned a few days ago, I’ve been spending a little time each day looking through the hundreds (sorry, boys!) of photos that I took during our trip. It is so much fun remembering all of the great times that we had during our trip.Hollywood Studios Snowman
  • Make A Disney Treat – Also on the plans for this weekend is making some Disney cupcakes. A sweet treat like Mickey Mouse or Frozen cupcakes is sure to brighten our day!
  • Plan Another Trip – Getting my mind off the trip that is over and on to planning the next one is always very helpful to me! I’m starting to review menus and think about where to make dining reservations and which parks we will want to visit each day. Not to mention, the countdown for the next trip is already on the refrigerator and my phone!

Do you have any great ways to beat the “Disney Blues?” Please leave a comment!

5 comments on “Missing Disney

  1. We are leaving in 2hours and thinking how much we are going to miss disney world. We are going to looking at our pictures when we get home also. Good ideas.

  2. Oh, definitely agree! I ended a wonderful long weekend with my sister at the beginning of this month, and was so depressed when she left. I also popped in a favorite Disney movie that afternoon to perk myself up!

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