Disney Movie Review – Million Dollar Arm

Today I was lucky enough to spend some time seeing the new Disney movie, Million Dollar Arm, with my oldest son. We’ve been eager to see this movie for weeks ever since we saw the first preview. My son is a huge sports fan! Over the years he’s played a variety of sports like soccer, baseball and flag football and knows more about the NFL than most grown men I know. We had high hopes going into this movie and we weren’t disappointed!


Million Dollar Arm is a heart warming film based on a true story about a sports agent who tries to save his failing business by traveling to India to recruit a cricket player to play major league baseball in the United States.

My 11-year-old son and I really enjoyed this show! The two-hour film moved along at a steady pace and kept us entertained throughout. This movie had moments that were funny, touching, sentimental, romantic (which was met by loud groans and a couple shouts of “gross!” from some young boys in the audience) and inspiring! While the story line and characters weren’t quite as well-developed as some other classics like the movie Rudy, you couldn’t help but become invested in these individuals and root for everything to work out well for them.

A few things to be aware of when taking young children to this film…there is minimal bad language, no violence, no nudity, some alcohol use, some sexual innuendo that would go over the heads of very young kids and some scenes of vomiting. Million Dollar Arm showed positive and meaningful messages about the importance of family, fun, love, perseverance and going for your dreams. Overall, this feel-good sports movie would be terrific for the entire family!

For more detailed information about the film and its content, check out this link.

Have you seen Million Dollar Arm? What did you think? Please leave a comment!

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