Behind The Magic Podcast – Season 5

Welcome to Season 5 of Behind The Magic Podcast!

This “snack credit” of podcasts is a unique 15-minute Disney podcast hosted by Zeek, Rachel, Jerry, and myself. Every day Monday through Thursday you can join us for entertaining Disney information, discussions, guests, games, and more. We’ll be surprising you each and every day with our funny stories and Disney insider knowledge. And of course, we’ll also keep you up-to-date on all of the latest Disney news and gossip.

Here’s a quick peek at what you can expect each day:

  • Monday ~ Mouse Whispers Mondays with all of the latest Disney gossip and rumors!
  • Tuesday ~ Topical Tuesdays with exciting Disney discussions!
  • Wednesday ~ With Us Wednesdays with celebrity guests from around the Disney Universe!
  • Thursday ~ Theme Park Thursdays with fun information, facts, and stories about the parks!

We hope you enjoy our show!

Season 5 – Episode 50 – New Disney VR – June 1, 2016

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Season 5 – Episode 49 – Mouse Whispers Even More DVC – June 1, 2016

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Season 5 – Episode 48 – Behind Splash Mountain – May 26, 2016

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Season 5 – Episode 47 – Behind Mouse Around The World – May 25, 2016

Season 5 – Episode 46 – Just Hard Tickets? – May 24, 2016

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Season 5 – Episode 45 – Mouse Whispers Secret WDW Dining – May 23, 2016

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Season 5 – Episode 44 – Behind The Dark Side of Disney – May 18, 2016

BTM s05e44 Thumbnail

This episode Zeek and Rachel get the amazing opportunity to talk with the creator of the documentary “The Dark Side of Disney”!

Season 5 – Episode 42 – Mouse Whispers TRON Lightcycles Power Run – May 16, 2016

BTM s05e42 Thumbnail

Today the gang talks about an awesome ‪‎Mouse Whisper‬ and so many more epic topics!

Season 5 – Episode 41 – Behind Captain America: Civil War – May 13, 2016

BTM s05e41

This episode Zeek and Kristi get together to talk about the latest ‪‎Marvel‬ film ‪Captain America: Civil War!

Season 5 – Episode 38 – Behind Disney Dining – May 10, 2016

D- Luxe Burger 1

This episode the gang talks about the Disney Dining plan!

Season 5 – Episode 37 – Mouse Whispers Blizzard Beach – May 2, 2016

BTM s05e37

This week the gang discusses some interesting Mouse Whispers about Blizzard Beach!

Season 5 – Episode 36 – Behind Pirates of the Caribbean – April 28, 2016

BTM s05e36

This episode the gang gets to go on a mighty adventure across the high seas; it’s time to go behind Pirates of the Caribbean! We learn about the infamous George the Ghost and so many more interesting factoids!

Season 5 – Episode 35 – Behind Planning The Magic and Krystel Seijo – April 27, 2016

BTM s05e35

This episode Zeek and Rachel talk with Krystel Seijo! She is the amazing author of the two books: “Disney On A Budget” eBook and The “Vacation Planner” eBook!

Season 5 – Episode 34 – New Princess on the Horizon – April 26, 2016

BTM s05e34

This episode Rachel, Zeek, Jerry, and Kristi discuss a brand new Topical Tuesday story that Rachel is bringing to the table! There is news of a new Princess coming to the Walt Disney World parks and to Disney Junior!

Season 5 – Episode 33 – Whispers of a Whole New Land – April 25, 2016

BTM s05e33

This episode the gang talks about new rumors that Gossip Girl Kristi brought to the table! There are talks of new lands in Magic Kingdom, dying of dysentery, and creative dining!

Season 5 – Episode 32 – Behind The Jungle Cruise – April 21, 2016

BTM s05e32

This episode Zeek, Jerry, Kristi, and Rachel all discuss the amazing ride that is ‪Jungle Cruise‬! We’re into our second attraction of Magic Kingdom and there are so many more to come!

Season 5 – Episode 31 – Behind The Gameable Podcast – April 20, 2016

BTM s05e31

It’s With Us Wednesday once again! We invite you to travel into the amazing minds behind The Gameable Podcast where Zeek and Rachel even get to challenge Kris and Katrina to bring adventure to the lives of average characters!

Season 5 – Episode 30 – Jungle Book Review – April 19, 2016

BTM s05e30

The gang gets together today to talk about the awesome new Disney movie The Jungle Book! We get into tons of topics, but be warned…there are SPOILERS!!!

Season 5 – Episode 29 – Muppet of the United States – April 18, 2016

BTM s05e29

This episode Kristi brings a brand new juicy whisper to the Behind The Magic table! Fun talks of changes in the Hall of Presidents in Magic Kingdom! Muppet fans be warned! Is this a great idea or something you don’t wanna see coming??

Season 5 – Episode 28 –  Behind Treehouse And Carpets – April 14, 2016

BTM s05e28

It’s Behind The FastPass once again! This time we go over to Adventureland to explore the Swiss Family Treehouse and The Magic Carpets of Aladdin!

Season 5 – Episode 27 – Behind Brian Hull – April 13, 2016

BTM s05e27

Today Zeek and Rachel get the great pleasure of talking with the fantastic voice actor and YouTuber Brian Hull!

Season 5 – Episode 26 – It’s A Map – April 12, 2016

BTM s05e26

This episode Rachel, Zeek, Kristi, and Jerry all discuss the latest version of the Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Rachel reminisces and misses the best behind the scene tour ever, Kristi talks about the best photo spot, Jerry lets the gang know just how amazing the 90’s were, and Zeek takes the most fun approach for that darn empty space!

Season 5 – Episode 25 – Screaming About Ice Cream – April 11, 2016

BTM s05e25

Kristi lets us know about some of the newest treats. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. So why don’t we wish for our own flavors?

Season 5 – Episode 24 – Behind Universal Studios – April 7, 2016

BTM s05e24

Zeek impersonates Elmo while Rachel and Kristi talk about their Universal experiences as we wrap up our non-Disney April Fool’s week here on Behind The Magic Podcast!

Season 5 – Episode 23 – Behind Chris From WDW Navigators – April 6, 2016

BTM s05e23

This week we have Chris from the WDW Navigators talking about Universal Studios Orlando; teaching Zeek and Rachel more than they ever knew or needed to know about Universal…ever…!

Season 5 – Episode 22 – Please Make It Wonka – April 5, 2016

BTM s05e22

As Universal Week continues, we talk about the chocolate factory that is on it’s way…such a delicious topic!

Season 5 – Episode 21 – Minion Murmurs – April 4, 2016

BTM s05e21

It’s a Minion Murmurs Monday for our April Fool’s week when we switch to covering Universal Studios Orlando!

Season 5 – Episode 20 – Behind Main Street USA – March 31, 2016

BTM s05e20

On today’s episode Zeek, Jerry, Kristi, and Rachel all discuss Main Street USA! We’re finally in Magic Kingdom for this episode of Behind The FastPass! Kristi lets us know the one thing you cannot miss going into Magic Kingdom, Rachel explains the lamp posts, and Jerry fills us in a little bit why he doesn’t like the Main Street windows!

Season 5 – Episode 19 – Behind Peter Alden – March 30, 2016

BTM s05e19

On today’s “With Us Wednesday” Kristi and Rachel sit down with the fantastic Peter Alden and discuss all of his amazing Disney adventures including his incredible new album Kingdom Classics!

Season 5 – Episode 18 – Behind Disney Decides – March 29, 2016

BTM s05e18

Kristi, Jerry, Rachel, and Zeek dig there heals into a very controversial topic.

Season 5 – Episode 17 – Mouse Whispers Marvel Makeover – March 28, 2016

BTM s05e17

This episode the whole gang chats about some interesting news that Kristi brings as a Mouse Whisper! Rachel and Kristi want movie remakes, Jerry wants NOTHING to change, and Zeek is open and ready for everything to come his way!

Season 5 – Episode 16 – Behind IllumiNations – March 24, 2016

BTM s05e16

This episode the gang discusses IllumiNations; our final stop in this amazing journey of Epcot! Everyone has a different favorite nighttime spectacular and Rachel is the one made fun of for her choice, Jerry is very passionate about Mr.Cummings, and Kristi shares an exciting viewing experience she had not long ago!

Season 5 – Episode 15 – Behind Enchanted Tiki Talk – March 23, 2016

BTM s05e15

This episode Zeek and Rachel chat with two incredible minds from the podcast Enchanted Tiki Talk. We discuss fitting into tiny cars, having Push as our Butler, and so much more!

Season 5 – Episode 14 – Behind Disney After Dark – March 22, 2016

BTM s05e14

This episode Rachel and Zeek take on an episode alone just like old times after a technical glitch on Friday! They talk about their feelings for Disney’s newest bright idea; Disney After Dark! Rachel prefers sleep to late night excursions where as Zeek wants to get the most out of his night!

Season 5 – Episode 13 – Mouse Whispers New Disney Fees – March 21, 2016

BTM s05e13

We’re back to discuss a new rumor this Monday with the whole crew! Zeek, Rachel, Jerry, and Kristi all are here to talk about the latest Disney upcharges! I know, right? Say it ain’t so!

Season 5 – Episode 12 – Behind Canada Pavilion – March 17, 2016

BTM s05e12

Today we take a trip to Canada on this installment of Behind The FastPass!

Season 5 – Episode 11 – Behind David Wasman Of MCMagic – March 16, 2016

BTM s05e11

On today’s crafty episode Zeek and Rachel get a chance to talk with amazing Minecrafter and all around great guy David Wasman! We discuss his epic Minecraft server that is a recreation of the Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts!

Season 5 – Episode 10 – A Spooky Box Of Tricks – March 15, 2016

BTM s05e10

On today’s Topical Tuesday, Molly, Kristi, and Rachel all discuss a brand new monthly subscription box from Disney called The Ghost Post.

Season 5 – Episode 9 – Mouse Whispers My Magic+ Rumors – March 14, 2016

BTM Standard Logo

On today’s episode Zeek, Kristi, and Rachel all discuss a few MyMagic+ rumors some of which are actually reality!

Season 5 – Episode 8 – Behind The United Kingdom Pavilion – March 10, 2016

BTM s05e08

This Episode Rachel, Zeek, and Kristi discuss the UK pavilion and all of its wonders! Zeek shows off his love for tea, Kristi reminds us that First Aid is a number one priority, and Rachel just brags about her love for golf…and apologizes to the entire UK…That and so much more on today’s episode of Behind The Magic!

Season 5 – Episode 7 – Behind Earning Her Ears Authors Carmela & Julianna – March 9, 2016

BTM s05e07

On today’s episode Rachel is all alone but bringing you an amazing interview with two awesome sisters, authors, and Cast Members; Julianna and Carmela! They discuss their book, unruly guests, character attending, and even more about their experiences at the most magical place on earth!

Season 5 – Episode 6 – Tiers That Bring Tears – March 8, 2016

BTM s05e06

On today’s episode Zeek, Kristi, and Rachel, discuss the reaction to the newest tiered pricing at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. We hear Rachel being very salty, Kristi staying neutral, and Zeek bringing some logic to the whole situation!

Season 5 – Episode 5 – New DVC Resort – March 7, 2016

BTM s05e05

This episode Kristi, Zeek, and Rachel, discuss a possible new DVC resort coming to Walt Disney World! Rachel wishes for backdoor access to The World Showcase, Zeek again shows his amazing enthusiasm for Frozen, and Kristi just needs to add more to her Disney fix!

Season 5 – Episode 4 – Behind The France Pavilion – March 3, 2016

BTM s05e04

Rachel, Zeek, and Kristi discuss the France pavilion and all of it’s wonders! We talk drinks, desserts, perfume, climbing the Eiffel Tower and so much more on today’s episode of Behind The Magic!

Season 5 – Episode 3 – Behind Mike Brassell – March 2, 2016

BTM s05e03

Today Rachel and Zeek get the opportunity to talk with the amazing musician Mike Brassell! We discuss his work in the Animation Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover and so much more on today’s episode of Behind The Magic!

Season 5 – Episode 2 – Cut To The Chase – March 1, 2016

BTM s05e02

Today on Behind The Magic Podcast, Zeek, Rachel and Kristi discuss leaving attractions! Just kidding, it’s really about an incident last month of a guest leaving his Test Track Car. What would you do as a YOLO Disney act?? Please let us know!

Season 5 – Episode 1 – Project Alcatraz – February 29, 2016

BTM s05e01

Check out the premiere of Season 5 of Behind The Magic Podcast! In this episode, Zeek, Kristi and Rachel talk about “Project Alcatraz” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! So many questions…will Kristi have to wear a Mickey poncho, will Zeek get his Star Wars blaster, and will Rachel finally get enough of her beloved Disney water? Find out on today’s episode!

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