Disney Marvel Movie Review – Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

Photo Courtesy of Marvel.com

On Friday, my boys and I decided it was time to hit the movies again. This time, we ventured out to the theatre to see the newest Disney Marvel release, Guardians of the Galaxy. I had a few concerns heading into this movie. First, I am typically not a fan of science fiction or superheroes. To be honest, the first superhero movie I ever saw was The Avengers that came out a couple of years ago. I surprisingly loved The Avengers so I went into this film with an open mind. Secondly, I was a bit concerned about the violence in Guardians of the Galaxy and if it would be suitable for my boys (ages 8 and 11) considering that it had received a PG13 rating. Finally, I wondered just how bad the language in this movie would actually be and would I have a lot of things to explain when we got home. Luckily, my worries were for nothing and we all truly enjoyed it!  


Guardians of the Galaxy

Photo Courtesy of Marvel.com

This film follows the story of Peter Quill who was abducted from earth after his mother’s death. Years later, Quill steals an orb that contains an infinity stone that he plans to sell for an enormous sum. After being arrested, Peter teams up with a unique gang of characters; Rocket, Gamora, Groot and Drax each dealing with their own issues of loss and uncertainty. Together they have to fight against the evil Ronan who plans to use the orb to destroy a planet. The things my boys and I enjoyed the most were the humor and themes of teamwork and friendship that were incorporated throughout the movie. The character of Rocket the Raccoon, voiced by Bradley Cooper, stole the show!  Things to keep in mind before seeing this film:

  • This movie begins with the gut wrenching death of Peter’s mother.
  • This movie is violent. My boys thought the level fell more violent than Star Wars less violent than Lord of the Rings. It was what I would consider sci-fi violence; mostly hand-to-hand fighting, lasers, explosions and similar.
  • Death is spoken about often in the film. One character talks about avenging the death of his wife and daughter. There are also a lot of death threats made.
  • There are at least a dozen uses of profanity during the movie and one obscene gesture.
  • There are some veiled references to Peter being with a lot of women. These would easily go over the heads of younger kids.

Overall, my boys and I really enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy. I would definitely recommend this film to lovers of science fiction and superheroes! I’ve included the trailer below and for more details, reviews, ratings and for help determining if it might be right for your family, please check out this link.

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? Did you enjoy it? Please leave a comment!

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